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Currently Accepting Ages 2 1/2 - 5

Men's Retreat 2014:

October 24-25 in Spring Grove, VA 23881. Register in the lobby of WOW Center Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings. You can also contact Ray Council at 757-509-0907. Registration is $75. The topic is "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" An Identity in Crisis. Speaker: Pastor Jim Williams.

Fall Fest:

is coming. Join us October 31, from 6 to 9 p.m. for a fun family time. It is free and there will be free food, games, candy, and attractions for the family. At 7:30 at the stage, an Ipad Air will be given away through a free drawing. You must be present to win.

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Raising Funds:

DCA is raising funds to upgrade and improve classrooms for your child/ren . See fundraising options below:

Have SHOPAROO? It's the easiest way to raise funds for your child's school. Check it out at It's free so it doesn't cost you anything to help. Just take a photo of your shopping receipts with your cell phone. It's that EASY!

There are lots of ways to help DCA raise funds. Just check out our fundraising page here.

Another way to help is to give through the "Donate" button below. It's very easy through Paypal. The best part is you don't even need a Paypal account to do it. Thanks everyone!

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Another opportunity to raise funds for DCA.

Clip and save labels from Tyson® products that feature the Tyson Project A+™ label. They are worth 24 cents each. DCA will begin collecting them for funds for the school, so check your grocer’s freezer section and visit the products page on Tyson’s website for a list of participating items. We can collect them all year round, even during the summer!!

2014-2015 Calendar

EMERGENCY CLOSING OF SCHOOL: Days on which school will be closed, due to weather or other circumstances, will be announced on Channels 3, 10, 13,  and 43, and on various radios stations. Announcements will be made on the early morning broadcasts.


To check out how DCA is earning funds collecting cell phones, click here. Let your friends and family know that we are collecting them, and that we can put them to good use rather than them ending up in the trash or a landfill. Thanks for your support.

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Scholarships may be available through Faith First Educational Assistance Corporation. Click here to check out the opportunities and see if your child will qualify.


Opportunities for fundraising can be found by clicking "Fundraiser Info" in the drop down menu under the "About Us" heading on the DCA home page or by clicking here.




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