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Denbigh Christian Academy Early
Learning Center where kids have fun with 
truth and learning.

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Bible Verse: NLT I Timothy 2: 5-6:
"For there is only one God and one
who can reconcile God and
people. He is the 
man Christ Jesus.
He gave His life to purchase 
for everyone."

Suppor Our School
We are expanding to add a new 2 Year
Old classroom. Any extra support will
be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Calendar and Menu:
This week's menu
2018-2019 Calendar
Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)



Currently Enrolling 2 Year Olds for:
our 2nd and new 2 Year classroom.
been renovating some of our
classrooms and they look awesome
with nice new tile flooring, 
newly painted
walls, new boards, and more. 
Give us a
call at 757-874-8661 or come by 
for a tour. 

Newly Renovated Rooms:
Some of our rooms have been newly 
renovated. We are working to renovate
them all. Stop by to check them out. 
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Currently looking for a cook, an 
and also substitutes. Apply here.





















Our school provides excellence in
through the ABeka
curriculum. Our program offers 
developmental activities 
to help your
succeed socially, spiritually, and
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Voted Best of Child Development 
Center 3 Years in a Row.

Scholarship Program Donations
We are accepting donations for our
program. If you'd like to
help another family 
afford a good 
education for their child, we'd love 
to talk with you. 
"Both my daughters attended from 2 
Year Preschool through 4K and I could 
not be more pleased with the care they 
received. The teachers and staff are 
wonderful." This reveiw can be seen 

"My 2.5 year old has been attending for 6
months. Just this past weekend, he, on
his own, recited the Pledge of Allegiance
and the Bible pledge. I am so grateful for
a school that not only does one but both!
Andrew has learned so much and the 
teachers have been so good to him and us!
Keep it up!" See this review and others on our facebook page.