Denbigh Christian Academy

Early Learning Center

Educational Experience

A Beka: A Beka Book is dedicated to providing quality education from a Christian perspective, through a wide array of textbooks and materials that reflect the very best in scholarship, design, practicality, and Scriptural fidelity. Denbigh Christian Academy uses A Beka Book textbooks and materials from 2 1/2 year old pre-school through 5K as the main curricular source.

ACSI: ACSI’s mission is to enable Christian Educators and schools world wide to effectively prepare students for life. One of the main ways this is accomplished is by providing a wide range of effective classroom materials as well as other academic resources. Denbigh Christian Academy uses ACSI textbooks and materials in the classes.

Executive Director:
Linda Amiss                                                      
Office Staff:
Cordelia Hundley, Office Manager             
Janet Lord, Administrative Assistant          
Rebecca Renfrow, Bookkeeper                  
Harvey Hale 

5 year Kindergarten Teachers:
Lori Kessler                            

5 year Kindergarten Paraprofessional:
Gloria Nickelson                     
4 Year Kindergarten Teachers 
Erika Andino                           
Megan Marcoux                     
Tina Snethen                           
4 Year Kindergarten Paraprofessional:
Deborah Vassar                     
3 year Preschool Teachers:
Chicquita Batten                    
Carmen Perez                       
Migdalia Quinones                 
Deborah Young                      
3 year Paraprofessional:
Monica Battal                          
2 ½ year Preschool Teacher:
Diane Kroniess                         
2 year Preschool Teachers:
Paula Dennis                          
Jasmine Meyers                      
Patricia Johnson                      
2 year Paraprofessionals:
Mary Nelson