Denbigh Christian Academy

Early Learning Center

Summer Enrichment

The Summer Enrichment Program at Denbigh Christian Academy extends the time children have to learn and work on curriculum studies, while creating a fun active environment! Our students have daily Bible time to keep a focus on Christian values and learning about our Lord and Savior, and Arts & Crafts activities to encourage creative play and develop fine motor skills. DCA always sets time aside for free play where children are encouraged to work on social skills, community and sharing while playing board games, color, play basketball, or play outside.

Nutrition is key to your child’s development, and DCA follows the CACFP standards and provides a hot lunch and 2 snacks during the day. DCA provides off campus activities for your child to discover fun activities in the community. Weekly field trips are scheduled for age’s three to twelve, with adventures like: ice skating, roller skating, bowling, state parks and many others, a list of activities is available at our front desk. Safety is our top concern when off campus so we require all of our students to wear an official DCA t-shirt on all field trips. While the older children are having adventures off campus our two year olds continue to participate in activities on campus rather than going on field trips. Two years will enjoy ice cream, water play, nature walks, and other fun activities.

An environment that focuses on learning is what separates DCA from other centers. Our children work on and review curriculum throughout the summer to keep what they learned during the school year fresh in their mind. Being in our summer enrichment program also provides children the opportunity to be social, develop healthy habits and experience new and different things via field trips and daily activities. 

Executive Director:
Linda Amiss                                                      
Office Staff:
Cordelia Hundley, Office Manager             
Janet Lord, Administrative Assistant          
Rebecca Renfrow, Bookkeeper                  
Harvey Hale 

5 year Kindergarten Teachers:
Lori Kessler                            

5 year Kindergarten Paraprofessional:
Gloria Nickelson                     
4 Year Kindergarten Teachers 
Erika Andino                           
Megan Marcoux                     
Tina Snethen                           
4 Year Kindergarten Paraprofessional:
Deborah Vassar                     
3 year Preschool Teachers:
Chicquita Batten                    
Carmen Perez                       
Migdalia Quinones                 
Deborah Young                      
3 year Paraprofessional:
Monica Battal                          
2 ½ year Preschool Teacher:
Diane Kroniess                         
2 year Preschool Teachers:
Paula Dennis                          
Jasmine Meyers                      
Patricia Johnson                      
2 year Paraprofessionals:
Mary Nelson