Denbigh Christian Academy

Early Learning Center

Illness Policy

Student(s) having a fever or contagious illness should not come to school. (A student must be free from fever for at least 24 hours before returning to school.) Any contagious illness should be reported to the school office by letter. If your child needs medication, you must make an appointment with the school office to discuss and complete an “Authorization for Medication” form so that said medication can be properly administered. It is also important to update that form at the currently prescribed time table.

Executive Director:
Linda Amiss                                                      
Office Staff:
Cordelia Hundley, Students Accounts Manager
Janet Lord, Administrative Assistant                
Rebecca Renfrow, Office Manager                   
Harvey Hale 

5 year Kindergarten Teachers:
Lori Kessler                            
Tina Snethen                           
5 year Kindergarten Paraprofessional:
Gloria Nickelson                     
4 Year Kindergarten Teachers 
Megan Marcoux                     
Evelyn Nebrija                        
Tina Snethen                          
4 Year Kindergarten Paraprofessional:
Deborah Vassar                     
3 year Preschool Teachers:
Chicquita Batten                    
Carmen Perez                       
Migdalia Quinones                 
Deborah Young                      
3 year Paraprofessional:
Erika Andino                            
2 ½ year Preschool Teacher:
Diane Kroniess                         
2 year Preschool Teachers:
Paula Dennis                          
Mary Nelson                            
2 year Paraprofessionals:
Chastity Spears                      
Jasmine Meyers