Denbigh Christian Academy

Early Learning Center

4 K Program

Our four year olds have daily Bible lessons, memory verses, and a Chapel program twice a month. They develop language and listening skills, and motor skills, while the curriculum implements phonics and number concepts. 4K will learn to recognize and count to one hundred, and number concepts for one through twenty, like smallest to largest. Basic addition facts will also be learned for numbers one through nine. Traditional and fun songs are learned in Music. Our Arts & Crafts program helps develop their motor skills with drawing, coloring, cutting, and gluing. Science and History are implemented into their daily lesson plans while physical activity is achieved through recess, games, and free play. 4K is also introduced to social and emotional problem solving with the Al’s Pals program. Most of our four year olds are reading and writing at the completion of the 4K program.

Children enrolling in our 4 Year Kindergarten must be four years of age by November 1, of the enrollment year. 4K is a half day program which meets Monday through Friday, 8 am – 12:10 pm. Before and Aftercare includes breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. A morning snack is provided for each child during the kindergarten program time. Denbigh Christian Academy is a USDA provider ensuring our children receive proper nutrition. The Abeka Christ centered curriculum is used providing age appropriate learning activities for each age group.  

Community helpers, like firemen, policemen, and dentists visit our classes throughout the year, sharing and demonstrating their skills and equipment used in their daily job duties. This experience can help the children understand they are there to help them if the situation or need arises.

We invite you to come by for a tour to learn more about our program. 

Executive Director:
Linda Amiss                                                      
Office Staff:
Cordelia Hundley, Office Manager             
Janet Lord, Administrative Assistant          
Rebecca Renfrow, Bookkeeper                  
Harvey Hale 

5 year Kindergarten Teachers:
Lori Kessler                            

5 year Kindergarten Paraprofessional:
Gloria Nickelson                     
4 Year Kindergarten Teachers 
Erika Andino                           
Megan Marcoux                     
Tina Snethen                           
4 Year Kindergarten Paraprofessional:
Deborah Vassar                     
3 year Preschool Teachers:
Chicquita Batten                    
Carmen Perez                       
Migdalia Quinones                 
Deborah Young                      
3 year Paraprofessional:
Monica Battal                          
2 ½ year Preschool Teacher:
Diane Kroniess                         
2 year Preschool Teachers:
Paula Dennis                          
Jasmine Meyers                      
Patricia Johnson                      
2 year Paraprofessionals:
Mary Nelson